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The 'Good Old Days' Vol.2 United States Air Force in Europe 1964-1972

It would be easy to categorise this wonderful work into a coffee table book bracket, but that would be doing a great disservice to Steve's months of research. I prefer to think it is a snapshot in time. And, what a breathtaking snapshot from a glorious time! Steve has carefully selected the period 1960 to 1972, depicting the golden era when aircraft were powered by reciprocating engines, which gradually gave way to turbo props and pure jets. It was also the time when very attractive colour schemes were changed to camouflage, influenced by the dictates of the war in South East Asia.

Readily apparent are the variety of aircraft whose attractive colour schemes were enhanced with the addition of dayglo orange applied to the nose, rear fuselage, and wings. Dayglo was commonplace, but by the middle of the sixties decade had largely disappeared. At the beginning of the 1960s, the number of "prop" transport aircraft in operational service far outweighed those powered by jets. The C-47, C-54, C-118, C-119, C-121, C-123, C-124, and C-133 were all in active duty service. At the close of the decade the majority had been replaced, and were relegated to reserve service or retired. This book spans that historic period.

The US Air Force, along with the aviation elements of the US Navy and Marine Corps, are among the most interesting facets of military aircraft history. The aircraft themselves as well as the units that operate them are well documented within this book. Other books have been released which cover a set period in USAF history, but none have ever been produced with such a plethora of colour. Readers who saw these aircraft schemes firsthand will enjoy reliving a period half a century ago. Those born afterwards can marvel at a time when military budgets seemed plentiful, and aircraft were cheap to buy. Sadly such times will never return.

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