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About us

Welcome to, the online market place for ORIGINAL aircraft slides ALL priced at just £1.00 each. This site is very much in its infancy at the moment, but new slides and categories will be added just as soon as they can be scanned. The slides on this site are mainly Kodachrome originals with a few other film makers like Agfa and Fuji etc included. All slides on this site will be of the highest quality, although the thumbnail scans may not always show this!

Now for a little background history into the formation of Over forty years ago the late Alec Molton introduced Milslides to the aviation fraternity, which was a service providing military original aircraft slides on ‘an approval’ basis to the enthusiast. This business has been passed on over the years to various other outfits and still exists today. Not long after Milslides was introduced to the world I formed Enthusiasts Military Colour Slides (EMCS), which still exists today, but mainly deals in online auctioning of slides. As you can imagine a vast number of aircraft slides have gone into stock over the years, we estimate that there are most probably over a million slides plus still available to buy!  Several well respected aviation photographers have sadly passed away recently, Alec Molton, Andy Thomson & Geoff Rhodes to name but a few. Many of these enthusiast’s slide collections have been added to the catalogue.

The people on the team at are all family members, with myself (Steve Hill) offering assistance wherever I can, from my home in Isleham, near RAF Mildenhall. At £1.00 each our slides offer great quality at reasonable prices, so why not take a look?