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About us

As an introduction here is a little background history into the formation of Over forty years ago the late Alec Molton introduced Milslides to the aviation fraternity, which was a service providing military original aircraft slides on ‘an approval’ basis to the enthusiast. This business has been passed on over the years to various other outfits and still exists today. Not long after Milslides was introduced to the world I formed Enthusiasts Military Colour Slides (EMCS), which still exists today, but mainly deals in online auctioning of slides. was founded in 2016 to market original colour slides at reasonable prices. The slides on the site were mainly Kodachrome originals with a few other film makers like Agfa and Fuji etc included. However, due to the complex processing requirements for Kodachrome slide film and the growth and popularity of alternative photographic materials Kodak lost its market share. Its manufacture was discontinued in 2009, and processing ended in December 2010. The widespread transition to digital photography has seen enthusiasts turning to this medium to satisfy their needs for the hobby of aircraft photography. In the past enthusiasts compiled collections of colour slides which were added to as the years rolled on. Unfortunately, now colour slides are more difficult to come by the only alternative is to form collections of digital images ….. Welcome to the new the online market place for quality downloadable images of aircraft in full colour and black & white. The Digital image downloads on the site are offered at very reasonable prices, why pay an absolute fortune for an old original colour slide! This is a new venture testing the market for the demand for digital image downloads so please give us a try! The images will be a high resolution jpeg of size 3508px x 2480px or higher providing capability to print to at least A4, A3 or larger, or smaller like 6 x 4 inches.