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Happy New Year

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Coming soon ... slide listings has now been operating for the best part of two months, and it is clear that slide collectors like the site and our slide prices. However, as mentioned on the ‘About Us’ page on the website, there is a stock of over half a million slides to sell to collectors. This mountain of slides is taking a very long time to sort, categorise and list, with slide scanning being by far the most time consuming job.

For this reason we will continue to add new slides, along with thumbnail views, for sale in the various categories that already exists. However IN ADDITION new listings of slides will also begin to be available for sale without images under the section 'Slide Listings'. This will allow us to be able to refresh the site more often with new stock, but without the picture previews. The text listings will enable enthusiasts to see the site grow with more choices, and to us the listings will give us a better idea of the stock we have.

PLEASE understand, that although the picture previews will not always be available, you can expect the slides to still be of the highest quality and as such we will not be accepting any returns or offer any refunds/exchanges unless the slide is damaged or defected in some way.

Golden Oldies

We often have email requests for ‘golden oldie’ slides from the 1960s, 1970s etc. Please understand this is NOT the site for the sale of such slides, oldies will always be out to auction on the various auction web slides including E-Bay.

Also, we are aware that the slides we list are not always of the rarest of subjects, but they get listed as we find them. Hopefully given time, the ‘better more interesting’ slides will be found and listed to the benefit of us all.

Website Improvements

Couple of new improvements for 2017. Firstly, newly added items will now display a **NEW** indicator for their first 7 days on the website and all product details now show the date that the product was added to the catalogue.


Secondly, we now offer an alternative payment option of bank deposit. Simply select that option at checkout and follow the instructions on how to make payment.

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