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Manage my marketplace store

Once you have been approved as a seller and have received your login details you will be able to access your seller dashboard giving you control over your store.

Manage my seller profile

You can manage your seller profile and store details by logging into your Seller Dashboard. Simply navigate to Profile > My Account where you will find you can amend your contact details, shop name, profile images, delivery/shipping rates and policy etc.

Please refer to the following video demo for more details:

Manage my profile video demo


Set up shipping rates

You can set up shipping rates for your store.  You will be able to add ranges by either weight or price and then you can apply these to each of our predefined shipping zones (UK, Europe, World zones 1-3). The correct shipping will automatically be applied at checkout based on the customers delivery address and either the weight or value of their order (dependant on whether you have chosen weight or price based shipping ranges).

Be aware that shipping rates based on weight require that each product has a weight attributed to it.  (see adding a new product for more details on how to do this)

You must set up shipping rates for each shipping zone that you are willing to sell and send your goods to.  The decision on where to sell is solely with you as the seller.  So if you are based in the UK and you'd prefer to only sell to the UK and Europe then you should only set up shipping rates for these zones.  At checkout if a customer has one of your products in their basket and gives an address that is outside of the UK and Europe they will be prevented from completing the sale.

Please update your Seller profile to include your delivery/shipping costs so that customers are aware of these.

Set up and manage shipping rates video demo


Add a new product

When adding a new product there are a number of predefined product types and tags that can be added to your products.  These are listed in their relevant sections under the Products menu.

When adding a new product you will need to add as a minimum:

  1. product title
  2. product type (e.g. colour slide/negative)
  3. product description
  4. product tags (e.g. Warbirds/USAF/etc)
  5. shipping weight (in grams)
  6. price
  7. inventory details/quantity available (tick to have the store manage the stock level)
  8. a image of the product (ideally 750 x 500 px)

Top tip: when first setting up your store it may be wise to set your products as "disabled" until you are happy you have everything in place to begin taking orders.  A disabled product will not appear on for sale. You can do this from the product listing in your seller dashboard.

Add a store product video demo


Receiving orders

Sellers will receive email notification when an order is placed.  This email will contain information on the customer, the shipping method they have paid for and the items ordered.  This email does not confirm that have received payment.  A second email will be sent to the seller to confirm that payment has been successfully captured.  The payment status of all orders can be seen in the orders listing of your seller dashboard.

From the Orders listing in your dashboard you can click to view the details of each order using the action menu at the end of each line.

On viewing an order you will find all the information and tools you need to fulfill the order.  Including the ability to print an invoice and/or packing slip:
Once an order has been sent out you can fulfill the order which will automatically send the customer an email to inform them that their items are on their way.

Getting paid

Please ensure that you setup your payment details in your Seller Dashboard.  Navigate to My Profile > Payment Details where you can specify both a PayPal business account and/or a bank account into which you would like your order payments paid. 

These will be made by the site admin once a month and will be your total order value minus 8% commission.  Commission is only taken on the products, any postage and packing/shipping fees will be fully passed onto the seller.